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White Painted Steel Ceiling Project in Korean


This ceiling project is located in Korea. The entire project uses more than 5000 square meters of eletro-galvanized steel ceiling panels, all of which are welded and then painted white on the surface.

The materials used for each panel are laser-cut and then welded into panels of different shapes. It is not difficult to make one panel, but it is difficult to make 5,000 square meters  panels and make sure all the panels match well each other, that is a very demanding engineering project.


In order to ensure on-time delivery, we arrange all workers in the workshop to produce this order, because we know that in addition to quality, on-time delivery is also a very important indicator of engineering projects

Before loading into the container, we simulated the installation of all the ceilings in the factory beforehand to ensure that there will be no problems in the real installation site.

Seeing the good effect of the ceiling installation produced by our factory, we are filled with a sense of achievement, and it is worth every employee’s hard work for this.

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