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Focus On High Standard Decorative Stainless Steel & Metal Projects

Provide one-stop procurement services from design, sample, production, shipping, customs clearance, and installation

Specialized in Decorative Stainless Steel

ChansunMetal business scope integrates material research and development, design and drawing deepening, production, transportation and installation. Rich experience and ability in decoration projects including exhibition halls, office buildings, museums, shopping malls and hotels etc.  Our items are widely used in all over the world, meeting customers’ high-end stainless decorative steel project needs.

Customized fabrications according to the drawings, samples or pictures.

Ceilings in popular or custom styles with the installation solution.

Screens producd by the existing designs or  customized designs.

Niches with full welded connection and color surface treatment.

Profiles of various shapes including decorative trim, skirting, fluted panel…

Sheets with various surface treatments including mirror, brushed, etched…

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