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We specialize in manufacturing stainless steel metal materials for decorative engineering projects, offering a wide range of options. Our offerings include decorative stainless steel sheets with various surface finishes, as well as custom fabrication services for profiles, ceiling panels, screens, cabinets, and other personalized items.

We offer customized production services for items based on your drawings or samples, assisting you in selecting the optimal materials, surface treatments, and providing size recommendations within a reasonable cost range. Our extensive customization options encompass a wide range of products, including frames, tables, sculptures, signs, doors, and more.

Various types of metal ceilings can be customized, including mirror stainless steel ceilings, water ripple stainless steel ceilings, fluted stainless steel or aluminum ceilings, welded metal ceilings.

Stainless steel metal screens are also commonly referred to as stainless steel metal partition dividers. The most commonly produced types include welded stainless steel screens, laser-cut stainless steel or aluminum screens, glass stainless steel screens, and mesh stainless steel screens.

Stainless steel metal niche provides the practical convenience of recessed shelving. We can use the niche in many places, such as bathroom, shower, living room, closet, and kitchen etc. It can offer you a space saving solution to place things.

After undergoing cutting, grooving, and bending processes, the sheet can be transformed into an array of decorative stainless steel profiles, including T decorative trim, L decorative trim, U decorative trim, and strips, in addition to tailored custom profiles for decorative projects.

Our decorative stainless steel sheets are available in a variety of surface treatments, including PVD color coating, mirror polishing, hairline brushed, vibration, sandblasted, etched, stamped, laminated, laser, copper plating, and more.

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