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As an expert manufacturer in China,  we can provide you with the most professional solutions for your water ripple metal stainless steel decoration project.

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Applications of Water Ripple Sheet

Water ripple stainless steel sheets  are widely used in interior design for wall cladding, ceilings.  Additionally, they are popular in the furniture industry for creating unique and stylish pieces. The wave pattern not only enhances aesthetics but also improves structural strength.

Application 1: Water Ripple Sheet for Ceiling & Wall

Laser cutting

Use laser cutting machine to make the ceiling or wall shape

Stamping ripples

Use stamping machine to make the ripple effect on the surface

Folding edges

Fold the edges according to your ceiling and wall base material

Installation panels

Install the ceiling or wall panels on site by steel structure or adhesive

Application 2: Water Ripple Sheet for Fabrication

Laser cutting

Use a laser cutting machine to obtain the item shape

Making edges

Bend or fold other parts, such as edges or brackets

Welding edges

Weld the edges to the cutting water ripple sheet


Polish the welding parts and finally get a whole product

Customization of Water Ripple Sheet

Custom Ripple Effects

Our most popular options include small, medium, and large ripples, but we can also create other custom ripple patterns based on your requirements.

Custom Color

We use 304 stainless steel to make the ripple sheets, so it’s possible to obtain a color other than silver by PVD plating, such as gold, blue or other PVD colors.

Custom Shape & Size

Water ripple sheets can be cut into various shapes to fit your project requirements. Whether you need square, rectangular, circular, or irregular shapes.

Custom Suitable Installation

Our experts will assess your site and recommend the installation solutions to ensure a perfect fit for your construction site.

What Sets Us Apart

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By dealing directly with our factory, you can get competitive prices. No middlemen, just quality at the best prices.

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Once your requirements are confirmed, we provide the best solution including the detailed installation guidance.

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We received many positive feedbacks from our clients, who were all very satisfied with our service and quality.

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We can help you handle all import things, ensuring your goods are delivered directly to your door with hassle-free.

Our Factory Insight

Foshan Chansun Metal Co., Ltd is located in Foshan, China. Our company is composed of a group of professional teams engaged in the stainless steel industry for more than 20 years. It integrates material research and development, drawing deepening, production, installation and sales. Rich experience and ability in decoration engineering and other integrated businesses in exhibition halls, office buildings, museums, shopping malls and hotels etc.

Mirror Polishing Workshop
Color Coating Workshop
Laser and Bending Workshop
Welding and Packing Workshop

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Step3: Approve for Mass Production

After receiving your approval and deposit, we will begin mass production and take care of the shipment.

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