Laser cut metal screen partition

Laser cut stainless steel divider partition screen is made from stainless steel sheets or aluminium sheets using advanced laser cutting technology, resulting in desired patterns. Now it’s widely used in various decoration projects.


Customizable Designs

Choose sizes, patterns, and finishes to match your vision.

Functional Decor

Seamlessly combines beauty and practicality.

Easy Setup

User-friendly installation process for hassle-free arrangement.

Low Maintenance

Stainless steel with surface treatment requires minimal upkeep.



The interior is made of stainless steel or aluminum, and the exterior frame is made of stainless steel


Many existing patterns are available and can be customized.


Brushed, mirror, and vibration, etc.


PVD coating gold, rose gold, black, bronze, and other colors.

Laser metal screen application

It can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration, as well as for space separation

Restaurant room divider and decoration

Wall and ceiling decoration

Hotel wall and decoration

Laser metal screen production process

A laser screen from the material to the finished product, mainly through three main steps such as material cutting, inner pattern treatment and outer frame welding, surface treatment, etc

Step 1 - Material cutting

The plate is cut to the desired pattern by a laser machine.

Before cutting, we need to consider the feed position of cutting clearly, which can reduce the number of burrs after cutting.

If the burr is not treated, it will affect the quality of the product.

Step 2 - Polishing and welding

We need to perform surface polishing on the pattern, and then weld the processed pattern into the outer frame.

Welding position is very important since the exposed welding point will affect the appearance.

Step 3 - Color coating

We will put the entire screen into the PVD colour coating oven, in order to ensure that each position is fully colored, we have serious coatign time standards.

We can adjust the color according to the color sample you provide, so as to ensure the consistency of the color of the project.

About ChansunMetal

Foshan Chansun Metal Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ChansunMetal) is located in Foshan, China’s core area of decorative stainless steel industry. 

The core team in ChansunMetal have more than 20 years of experience in stainless steel production. At present there are four workshops (polishing,  laser cutting & bending, welding, and color coating) and more than 100 workers in total.

The company’s core products are high end decorative stainless products: customazation, cabinet, ceiling, screen, sheet, trim.  We’re good at difficult metal products production in the help of our advanced processing technology and strict quality control system.

Our business value is to establish long-term relationships with high end customers by our best quality and service. Since its establishment, we have been adhering to the principle of “high quality, excellent service”, and won the recognition of more than 200 domestic and foreign customers. 

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